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Fakultet bezbednosti

Security Management Center

Director: Ozren Džigurski, Ph.D., associate professor

The Security Management Center conducts research, educational and expert activities within the field of security management.

Security management belongs to new and important directions in which the Faculty is developing, realized through the curricula and syllabi of the basic and specialist studies. In order to gain quicker insight into and gather information on new developments and projects in this field, it is necessary to organize research and educational activities which will gather a large number of experts and scholars within the Security Management Center. Given that the field of security, and especially security management, is developing at a rapid pace, the Security Management Center, as a special unit within the Faculty of Security Studies, enables the Faculty to progress in the fields of security and security management which are not sufficiently present in the work of our educational and scholarly institutions.

Center activities include:

  • research in the field of security management
  • expert projects
  • consulting activities
  • organization of seminars, lectures and courses
  • organization of training courses
  • organization of national and international conferences
  • publishing
  • information systems design
  • etc.