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Fakultet bezbednosti

Dean and Vice Deans

Dean of the Faculty: Ivica Radović (Ph.D., professor)

Vice Dean for Curricular and Instructional Affairs: Božidar Banović (Ph.D., professor)

Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research Affairs: Želimir Kešetović (Ph.D., professor)

Vice Dean for Financial Affairs: Vladimir Cvetković (Ph.D., professor)

Student-Vice Dean: Ivan Rakonjac

As an administrative organ of the Faculty, the Dean supervises and represents the Faculty by:

  • organizing, harmonizing and supervising the Faculty's activities;
  • representing the Faculty;
  • proposing the course of action in academic and administrative affairs;
  • applying the decisions of the Council;
  • mandating the execution of the financial plan of the Faculty;
  • naming the members of commissions and other auxiliary bodies formed to solve a particular issue;
  • signing BA, MA and Ph.D. degrees, together with the Rector of the University;
  • ensuring the legality of the Faculty's activities for which he may be held accountable;
  • signing contracts in the name of the Faculty;
  • convening and presiding over the sessions of the Academic Council and the Electoral Council and applying their decisions;
  • concluding individual collective contracts in accordance with the law;
  • conducting other activities as stipulated by the law, the Statute and the General Enactment.

Vice Deans assist the Dean in coordinating and regulating the Faculty's activities they are in charge of and perform other affairs with the Dean's authorization.