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Fakultet bezbednosti

The Academic Council

The Academic Council is the highest expert organ of the Faculty which includes all faculty members (the teaching staff) who have at least 70% working hours at the Faculty.

The Dean presides over the Academic Council. In discussions concerning the quality of the curriculum and instruction, the reform of the Faculty's programs, the analysis of the efficiency of the studies and the determination of ECTS credits, students participate in the work of the Academic Council with 20% of their representatives, elected by the Student Parliament, including the representatives of teaching assistants.

The Academic Council's activities include:

  • drafting the Statute;
  • proposing the Faculty's curriculum/programs to the University;
  • discussing and deciding on matters related to the quality assurance of the curriculum and instruction, the reform of the programs, the analysis of the efficiency of the studies and the determination of ECTS credits;
  • proposing specific courses to the University;
  • proposing the core affiliation to the University;
  • electing representatives of the Faculty for University bodies;
  • electing members of the Faculty Council from members of the faculty (teaching staff);
  • determines the bodies and defines the procedures related to the monitoring, enhancement, development and assurance of the quality of the Faculty's programs, instruction and working conditions;
  • determined the specific conditions for the functioning of long-distance programs;
  • determines the mode and procedure of self-evaluation;
  • proposes the policy for the admission of students to the University;
  • determines the programs of continuing education i.e. lifelong learning;
  • proposes the establishment of legal persons i.e. branches to connect higher education, science and practice, such as a center for the transfer of technologies, innovations center, a park of technology and business and other organizational units, according to the law and with the approval of the University's Senate;
  • adopts the general enactment regulating the conditions and contract terms for research projects, expert work, etc.;
  • proposes plans for employment and hiring policies of professors and assistants;
  • proposes candidates for the Dean;
  • considers and prepares propositions on matters that the Council decides on;
  • decides on student complaints in cases concerning the rights in the Article 86, Section 2, Subsection 1-3 of the Law on Higher Education;
  • adopts plans for the realization of instruction at the Faculty;
  • proposes more specific conditions related to the hiring of assistants based on those determined by the general enactment of the University;
  • adopts its own rules of procedure;
  • performs other activities in accordance with the law, the University Statute, the Faculty Statute and general enactments of the Faculty.