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Fakultet bezbednosti

Security Studies Institute

Head of the Institute: Radomir Milašinović (Ph.D., full professor)

Secretary: Darko Trifunović (Ph.D.)

Security Studies Institute is an organizational unit within the Faculty of Security Studies involved in scholarly and research activities in the field of civil defense, security and environment protection. The Institute conducts basic, developmental and applied research and gives scholarly and expert assistance to companies, institutions, government bodies and other legal persons.

The Institute's activities are performed by professors, researchers and instructors and other scholars and experts from the Faculty, as well as national and foreign institutions.

The Institute organizes research projects on international, national, regional and local levels. These are realized either through programs of the ministry for science and technology, in collaboration with other institutions or as internal projects of the Faculty. Its academic practice and research projects possess a necessary combination of learning and research with a dual responsibility - to influence and project, to be traditional but also innovative. It gathers individuals with different but complementary interests and theoretic backgrounds.

The Institute's special task is to implement research results into the teaching process at the Faculty.

Professors, researchers and instructors at the Faculty participate, either individually or as co-authors, in:

  • the realization of projects initiated by the Ministry of Science and Environment Protection and other institutions;
  • the realization of joint projects with institutions it has signed a co-operation agreement with;
  • the preparation and publication of textbooks, chrestomathies, collected papers, workbooks, monographs and papers for the needs of up-to-date teaching.

The institute also:

  • sends the Faculty's professors, instructors and assistants to national and international conferences on defense, protection and security issues;
  • publishes papers in national and international magazines;
  • publishes papers in the Faculty's yearly Collected Papers.

Teachers and students at the Faculty of Security Studies and the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade are currently working on a joint project to form a Terrorist and Organized Criminal Search Data Base (TOC).