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Fakultet bezbednosti

Peace Studies Center

Peace studies differ from other disciplines in their focus, in their integration of various approaches from other disciplines and in their explicit values and practice-oriented knowledge. Their goal is to spread well-documented scholarly knowledge and scientific way of thinking, as well as to draw attention to the values of peace and tolerance as the bases of humane and ecological way of living. The Center applies a normative and critical approach to research because its core research focuses on essential social problems and their ethical dimension.

The Center's mission is:

  • to spread the idea of non-violence and encourage non-violent, collaborative and peaceful resolution of violent conflicts;
  • to contribute to better understanding of conditions necessary to introduce changes peacefully;
  • to set priorities in the field of peace studies and focus on problems related to peace from a practical standpoint;
  • to represent an expert center for peace and conflict research;
  • to enable basic and applied research and encourage practical exchange of the Center's results;
  • to better connect co-operating researchers;
  • to organize international conferences, to encourage scholarly publications and develop a broad spectrum of international ties;
  • to offer educational programs for the training of participants of different profiles.

Its activities are:

  • to study the contemporary peace process;
  • to support the development, exchange and application of knowledge aimed at promoting peace and relieving violent international conflicts;
  • to determine measures for the restoration and promotion of peace and to support to their implementation;
  • to contribute to practical ideas on peace including their developmental and environmental aspects;
  • to promote interethnic communication;
  • to organize extracurricular activities throughout the year: lectures by guest professors, discussion groups, workshops for mediation and conflict resolution, volunteer work, etc.;
  • to publish magazines in the field of peace studies.